Smart Homes

Offering our smart home installation service to all across Ireland & Northern Ireland

We offer a smart home solution in conjunction with our partners Lyttle Smart Homes. Call us on +353 1 5241329 for more information. 

Our smart home solution

If you're looking to install a smart home in your home in Ireland/Northern Ireland, we're confident that we can find the right solution for your needs. Included in our smart home services is the installation of: 

Smart Lighting 

Smart lighting allows you to alter the mood in different rooms by setting automatic lighting schedules or by manually altering the lighting via your smartphone. Smart lighting can come in the form of main lights, lamps or underfloor light fittings. 

Smart Heating

Smart heating allows you to set different temperature levels in different rooms and have more control over your energy bills; all easily accessible via your smartphone. 

Smart Security

Smart security lets you know when a window or door has been opened and sounds an alarm to put off any intruders. 

AV Control

An AV Control system installed by us allows you to easily control the distribution of sound and video throughout your home; play music from one room and switch it off in another, all via your smartphone. 

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