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Our intelligent building management system installation process

Our main business focus involves the design, development and installation of our commercial intelligent building management system. The core system includes plant control, temperature and CO² control in all public spaces. 

We can provide different temperature levels for different rooms and we also provide an option to make a room smart. This includes climate control, smart doors, smart blinds and smart lights. For those who require it, we also have the option of a wayfinder; this allows your customers to easily navigate their way around your building. 

 When our system is setup in your building, its in-built analytics tools allows us to track energy usage and compare different periods of time. This can be represented on the dashboard or in graph form which is very useful for board meetings, the user can access whichever information is most pertinent to them. 

This information includes access to temperature profiles in different parts of the building and allows us to track where you can start saving on your operating costs and make further improvements. 

Why install an intelligent building management system? 

Here's why we recommend installing an intelligent building management system in your premises in Ireland & Northern Ireland: 

  • Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Reduce operating costs within just a few years
  • Maintain advanced infrastructure 
  • Reduce errors and failures of old traditional building management systems

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